About Antago Strategy

"Antago Strategy" - is a company, specialized in issues, related to the settlement of problems, restricting normal flow and development of business. In common practice, if parties have economic interests and plans of their implementation - conflicts are unavoidable. "Antago Strategy" - is an anti-crisis company, providing assured sustainable development to its Clients.

Company's main tasks:
  • forecast of possible negative consequences;
  • development and implementation of strategy of prophylactic anti-crisis measures.


Corporate conflicts
Classical corporative conflicts is a tug of war of parties involved in dispute regulated by "corporative law.
Conflicts with state agencies
Everybody, irrespectively to the age, profession, place of residence and welfare uses to face against state agencies (representatives of the state).
Information conflicts
Information conflicts are associated with some "black PR" actions initiated by some forces, aimed at maximum damage to company's business reputation or to invalidate good name of citizen or businessman.
Conflict predicting
Professionalism is consist in ability to predict possible development of conflict situations and to undertake measures aimed at avoiding their appearance.

To cut Gordian knot!