Roman Vladimirovich Romachev

President and Founder of the Group

Roman has more than 12 years of experience in security and business intelligence. He completed hundreds of successful projects in the field of competitive intelligence. He wrote dozens of articles on key topics on business intelligence, in cooperation with colleagues published two books. He is a member of a number of organizations:
  • Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP);
  • Institute of Internal Auditors;
  • Professional Risk-Managers International Association (PRMIA);
  • Expert of International Counter-Terrorist Training Association.

Yelena Yurievna Rogacheva

Deputy General Director R-Techno
General Director of Duemarx

Highly graduated expert in management, state and financial control. 7 years of operations in business intelligence, experienced in information collection and analysis. Deeply involved in staff training and new products development.

Igor Yurievich Nezhdanov


More than 15 years has been involved in corporative security and business intelligence. Has a number of successful projects on establishing security systems for industrial enterprises, several projects on creation of department of competitive intelligence. He is the author of dozens of articles on business intelligence and two books. Igor is a member of the following organizations:
  • Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP);
  • Expert of International Counter-Terrorist Training Association.

Victor Ivanovich Tarusin

The company's special projects Partner in the South-East Asia
Executive Director of Information Consultative Agency

Retired officer. Veteran of UN Peacekeeping mission in former Yugoslavia. Has great working experience in Russian and International information analytical structures. Speaks Chinese, English, Spanish. Graduated from Military Institute of Ministry of Defense in 1983 with Red diploma, Academy of Oil and Gas named after Gubkin – in 2006.

Alexey Victorovich Ozhereliev

Deputy General director on Internet Technologies of R-Techno LLC

Alexey Victorovich takes part in the development and design of internet projects of R-Techno starting from the very foundation of the company. He is one of authors of,,, projects.
Alexey is an expert in internet project development , their usability and promotion (SEO).


Regional representatives and partners

Dr. Nicolas K. Laos

Partner of R-Techno in the EU
Expert on geopolitics and security
Author of books and publications on geopolitics and global security. Doctor of Christian Philosophy. Graduate in Mathematics. Lecturer at several European universities. Founder and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Order of Saint Nikolaos of Myra.

Dmitriy Vladimirovich Solostchenko

Director of R-Techno North Caucuses
Director of Professional Debt Management
For 3 years has been engaged into business intelligence development in the South Federal Region.

Valeriy Borisovich Afanasiev

Regional representative on North-Western Federal Region
Director of Expert-Consulting Group The key to solving

Retired officer, has valuable experience in information collection and processing, in 2000 was graduated from Snct-Petersburg State University on Strategic analysis of business environment (business intelligence), in information analysis since 1999, speaks Norwegian and German.

Mikhail Andreyevich Styugin

Regional representative of R-Techno LLC in Krasnoyarsk
Director of Innovation security technologies LLC

He is engaged in scientific research in the sphere of information war technologies. Author of over 30 scientific papers on the said matter. Doctor of Science (Engineering).


International network

Carl Hancocks

Regional representative of R-Techno in Africa

Spent a total of 10 years in service of various government agencies. Completed training with the UNODC. After entering the private business sector, specialised in investigations, intelligence sourcing and risk profiling, geo-political risk, contingency and crisis risk management.

Alberto F. Olivares Alvarez

Regional representative of R-Techno in Chile and Pacific South America
Partner and CEO of OP southINt Consulting

Bachelor in Security and Defense, Graduated in Engineering with two Master of Science, Economic Intelligence and Strategy (UBO) and other one in Political Science, Security and Defense (National Academy of Political and Strategic Studies, National Defense of Chile). 25 years of experience in mission-critical operations and technology, with the last 15 years in executive positions at major technology companies. Diploma in Management areas, Management Government Strategies, Territorial Systems, Strategy and Politics, Global Risk and Disaster (Army War College Chile-UNO), Territorial Development (Organization of American States–FLACSO), Disaster Risk Management and Food Crisis (FAO-PNUD)

Ken Conboy

Regional representative of R-Techno in Indonesia
Country manager for Risk Management Advisory

Ken Conboy has resided in Indonesia for twenty years. He is a graduate of Georgetown University and the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Conboy has authored nearly two dozen books on intelligence and military history in Southeast Asia. He has been widely quoted in the international press on military issues and terrorism in Indonesia.

Frank Zheng

Regional representative of R-Techno in China
Managing Director of Keen Risk Solution

Mr. Zheng is the famous commercial intelligence and Risk Management expert in China. he is also Managing Director of Keen Risk Solution. Keen Risk Solution is the first professional consulting firm providing the comprehensive risk management for mergers and acquisitions in China. Via the risk assessment , the due diligence investigation based on on-site investigation and industrial chain analysis, and the M&A full-flow trade secret protection, we provide clients with systematic M&A risk management services. Mr Zheng wrote the first book about Chinese commecial investigation industry — "The handbook of Chinese Commercial Investigation" in 2004.

Vivek Raghuvanshi

Regional representative of R-Techno in India

Vivek Raghuvanshi, is a Former Deputy Director Central Asia & Middle East - International Technical Advisory Corps, Licensed by State Counter Terrorism, Washington DC, USA. Profile on Ning.

Robert Jones

Regional representative of R-Techno in Brazil
Director of Socrates Ltd.

Robert Jones graduated from University College (London, England) with an Honors Degree in Science. He spent over 10 years on investigations as a government employee. After leaving government service, Robert headed the fraud investigation department in a major auditing firm in Canada. Robert managed to prevent numerous major corporate fraud cases in Latin America. He is an ASIS member. The largest Fortune 100 companies of Latin America have already become the customers of his Socrates Ltd. company.

Lill Hilde Kaldager

Regional representative of R-Techno in Norway
Partner and General Manager of Diligentia AS

Lill was the head of the OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) branch in the Norwegian Foreign Intelligence Service. She has a Cand. Mag. degree in Russian Language from the University of Oslo, and a MA degree in Russian from Middlebury College, Vermont (US). She is also a graduate of the Norwegian Defence Staff College (2004).

Paul Anastasi

Regional representative of R-Techno in Balkans
CEO of Marathon Investigations & Olympic Action Media Ltd.

Foreign correspondent / journalist and author of 5 books (2 in English and 3 in Greek), on subjects ranging from Cold War espionage to culture and history. Winner of the Goldsmith international award for investigative journalism. Private business investigator, member of WAPI, WAD, CII.

Gergana Milanova

Regional representative of "R-Techno" in Bulgaria
CEO of Risk Solotion o.o.d.

Гергана окончила Университете Мировой Экономики (София) по специальности "Экономика и управление человеческими ресурсами". Работала экспертом в нескольких банковских институтах Болгарии. Имеет опыт в маркетинговых исследованиях и конкурентной разведке. Владеет английском и греческим языком.

Nodirbek V. Bekmuratov

Regional representative of "R-Techno" in Central Asia.
CEO of "Technologies of global analysis" Co. Ltd.

The expert-analyst in the field of automation of analytical activity of economic safety structures, marketing & PR departments, financial-economic blocks of the commercial companies and the state organisations. The author of publications on a theme of competitive and business intelligence.

Dale W. Kneeland

Regional representative of R-Techno in Serbia
Director of Kneeland Consulting d.o.o

Dale W. Kneeland, Founder and General Manager of Kneeland Consulting d.o.o, devoted most part of his life to security in its different manifestations. After a splendid career in the US Army, decorated with combat medals, he resigned from the Army honorably and after a period of work in the private sector he was hired by the US Department of State. However, the aspiration for independent practice and accumulated experience compelled Dale to quit the service and open his own firm. Dale W. Kneeland has a bachelor degree in the Security Management and a master degree in the Risk and Crisis Management. He is a Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist and an ASIS member. He is also the first American, who received Werkschutzmeister, which stands for the industrial intelligence specialist in Germany.

Michael Alkalay

Regional representative of R-Techno in Switzerland (Director of AySEC Services Ltd.)
Director of AySEC Services Ltd.

Michael is one of the leading European expert in counteractions to money laundering, compliance и due diligence. He has big experience in business intelligence and business investigations. Doctor of Law.

Boris Kalinin

Regional representative of R-Techno in Chez Republic and Slovakia
Director of Mediaspol Ltd.

Has long experience in the field of information technologies and mass media, avoidance and minimization of investment risks, search for reliable partners and distribution channels.

Farrukh S. Khan

Regional representative of R-Techno in Pakistan & Afganistan
Managing Partner at Immense Corporate Risk Solutions

Farrukh S. Khan has extensive experience of Corporate & Investigative Due Diligence, Pre-Employment Background Screenings and Immigration Screenings. Started career in the field of Business Research and Enhanced Due Diligence, Mr. Farrukh S. Khan is now an experienced professional in Risk Mitigation Industry, having an in depth operational knowledge of procedures & trends of corporate risks in most of global locations such as Pakistan, Afghanistan

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