Regional expert network

Wide spread network of experts in many countries and regions allows us to solve issues in any point of the World.

OSINT-technologies application

Skills in information extraction not only from the visible part of Internet, but as well from invisible one, makes our information products to be on the top of the list.

Unique HUMINT-technologies

Application of modern technologies of utilization of main information carriers – people – helps to obtain exclusive information. Possibility of activating multiple information sources approach allows to increase authenticity of the final product.

Operative information Archive

Long term experience of our team has allowed us to accumulate unique archive of operative analytical information amounted at 150 000 files as at Dec. 2008. This archive allows us to follow situation dynamic development at objects of interest and to detect hidden interconnections.

Modern IT-systems

  1. SSM "Trend" – a unique system of situation monitoring allows to foresee vital events.
  2. MediaWiki - Wiki system is a system of inter-corporative knowledge management helps to accumulate and use previous experience.
  3. IPI.Helpdesk – system of operative settlement of issues between Clients and Partners.
  4. "Invision Power Services" – system of internet forums has allowed to arrange communication process for professionals.
  5. Search gears "Google" and "Yandex" – allows to provide inter- corporative search of documents and reports in the huge information massive.

Own Know-how

  1. "it2b.internetspyspider 3000+" – system of information collection from invisible part of internet.
  2. "it2b.blogoinformator 3100+" – system of mass posting of massages into blogs.
  3. "" – automotive system of enterprise security management.