Risk audit

Audit objectives:
  • monitoring of the business security;
  • control over activities of the services responsible for security;
  • organization and planning of the risk management system in the company;
  • development of the transparent budget for actions to minimize the risks;
  • adjustment of the company value in case of an M&A transaction.

Risk audit is designed for:
  • company owners;
  • business executives;
  • heads of the security, risk management and internal audit services;
  • board of directors;
  • investors;
  • Due Diligence group.

The audit report includes:
The analytical conclusion on the business security – a detailed description of the risks with weight assigned to each, assessment of a degree of possibility and possible damage infliction. Risks classification. Data visualization.

System screenshot.
Risk map within a time gap.

risk audit

System screenshot.
Threat sources.

Анализ рисков

The audit involves the know-how of R-Techno – it2b.security system.

Service costs:
  • initial audit, starting at 1000 Euros
  • monthly monitoring, starting at 600 Euros
  • annual contract, starting at 8000 Euros
Investment companies get a 10% discount if they sign service contracts for over 3 enterprises.

P.S.: The final cost is made after a preliminary examination of a company. The costs given above do not include travel and other expenses.