Automated staff monitoring system

The system is designed for the research of emotionally high-profile events in the spheres of the human memory controlled by the subconscious. The research objective is to build interrelations between the feelings, emotions, desires and intentions of a person, on the one hand, and people, items, situations and events, on the other hand.
The analysis of interrelations allows answering such questions, as “Who? What? Why? and What for?” A regular replenishment of the system with the new tests allows solving all the issues, ranging from the professional level of application to entertainment and cognitive ones.
Test screenshot
Beta version is available for testing.
Registration code: {4215A7F2-5E51-45B9-94E6-954E39B528C5}
Guidance materials
  1. Video ASMS tutorial part 1-7:
  2. Partnership program video tutorial:
  3. Modification for the HR services - BioReader

Technical requirements
The Automated Staff Monitoring System is compatible with the Internet-connected PCs.

Minimum requirements:
  • CPU: Pentium I
  • HDD: 30 Gb
  • program allocated memory (on HDD): no less than 1 Gb
  • RAM: 512 Mb
  • sound card
  • mouse
  • operating system: Windows XP, Vista