The business security of a company is a state of its protection against the negative effects of the external and internal threats, destabilizing factors, which ensures the steady implementation of the primary business interests and objectives of the chartered activity.

The primary objectivities of the business security system of any company are:
  • protection of the legal rights and interests of a business and its employees;
  • data collection, analysis, assessment and prediction of developments;
  • study of the partners, clients, competitors, applicants for employment in the company;
  • prompt identification of the possible aspirations for the business and its employees on the part of the external security threat sources;
  • prevention of any infiltration of the competitors’ business intelligence officers, organized crime and individuals with the unlawful intentions into the company;
  • counteraction of the technical penetration for the criminal purposes;
  • identification, prevention and suppression of any possible unlawful and other negative activity of the company’s employees to the detriment of its security;
  • protection of the company’s employees against any violent encroachments;
  • ensuring safety of the tangible values and information, which constitutes the business secret of a company;
  • mining of the required information for the development of the most optimal management decisions on the strategy and tactics of the company’s business activity;
  • physical and technical security of buildings, structures, territory and vehicles;
  • formation of the favorable opinion on the business among the population and business partners, conducive to the performance of the plans for the business activity and charter objectives;
  • indemnification of any material and moral damages caused as a result of unlawful actions taken by the organizations and individuals;
  • control over efficiency of the security system functioning, improvement of its elements.


The business security of your business is a priority for R-Techno