Counteractions against counterfeit products

Many companies, by entering the market or expanding their positions in it, advertise not some specific product but rather a trademark – a brand, under which this product is sold. At the same time, at the initial stages of the business formation in Russia, making investments into the development of the trademark no one set any tasks to protect it. Today, the situation has been drastically altered due to the understanding of the trademark cost and value for the business, which is defined both by the amount of financial investments into its advertising, trademark reputation in the market and trust towards it on the part of the potential clients.

Meanwhile, some companies have dishonest business. Having understood the trademark value, dishonest businessmen just borrow a successful trademark from the competitors, being reluctant to invest their money into the formation and development of the new brands, and produce and sell their products under this brand. According to the estimates of the Western specialists, the share of counterfeited products in Russia amounts to 90% by individual product groups.

Our company has successfully been consulting the foreign, Russian and international companies in the struggle against the counterfeited products and trademark protection for a long time.

R-Techno provides the following services to fight against the counterfeited products:
  • collection of data on the illegal use of the trademarks and manufacturing of the counterfeited products;
  • identification of the counterfeited products distribution channels;
  • development of the action plan to prevent the activities of the companies involved in manufacturing and sales of the counterfeited products in line with the effective legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • market monitoring for the identification of the counterfeited products.