Corporative seminars

Further training of experts is an important task of the company. R-Techno has vast experience and knowledge, which it periodically shares both at the corporate workshops, training sessions and at the open events.

Topics for corporate workshops:
  • legal basis for protection of business secrets;
  • information protection facilities and approaches;
  • development of a uniform information system at a business enterprise;
  • development of a business intelligence system;
  • collection of information on a business loyalty;
  • arrangement of a physical object security;
  • development of a staff fraud counteraction system;
  • development and holding of events to identify the internal threats for the stable operations of the company;
  • development and performance of a set of business secret protection measures;
  • checkup of applicants for the vacant positions;
  • search opportunities for the examination of the external threat factors and opportunities for the firm;
  • ethics, morality and efficiency in the intelligence activities;
  • a process of the business risks research development;
  • competitive intelligence on the Internet;
  • analytical fundamentals, etc

Distant course:
  • analysis of the non-structured information.