Corporate intelligence

Business intelligence – information collection and processing aimed to decrease uncertainties while taking management decisions.

Business intelligence includes verification and elaboration of information analytic reports on legal entities and individuals.

Information analytical reports options (tariffs):

1. Legal entities

  • Counteragent.standard
    Company basic information: date of incorporation, founders, history of changes in founders and management; evidences of fraud nature, on-going legal cases, obvious negative information.
    Counterpart standard is a base for all other tariffs on legal entities.
    Target: collection of minimum information aimed to identify actual nature of a counterpart.

    Identification of financial sustainability and ability to meet undertaken commitments. Verification of business reputation and outstanding debts.
    Target: to identify prospects and conditions of further cooperation.

  • Counteragent.mastеr
    Identification of a counterpart’s business scale, analysis of interconnection of affiliates. Detailed info on founders and to management staff, their involvement into other business entities. Identification of real owners and key persons.
    Target: to study potential investment projects, to conduct financial investigations, etc.

  • Counteragent.premium
    Comprehensive company analytic study. It combines tariffs Counterpart pro. and Counterpart.master.
    Target: Counterpart analysis and study on potential investment project.

  • Counteragent.lux
    Incorporates all above mentioned tariffs, as well as study on external and internal organizational structure, staff policy, market position analysis and net promotion, identification of main clients and suppliers.
    Target: detailed analysis of a competitor and study of potential investment project.

2. Individuals

  • Person.standard
    Basic information on individual: date of birth, place of registration, family relations, registered places of work, criminal and administrative liability.
    Person Standard is a base for all subsequent tariffs on individuals.
    Target: collection of minimum information to identify the real background of the person.

    Verification of professional reputation of the person: business capacities, identification of actual reasons of retirement from the previous positions, authenticity of information provided by person, etc.
    Target: screening candidates.

    Collection of detailed information on candidate professional skills: ability to fulfill set duties, identification of theft and fraud cases in the past.
    Target: screening of top managers and/or staff members in charge of valuable assets.

    Screening founders, business leaders and individual businessmen: psychological image, business scale, legal cases, affiliates and main business partners.
    Target: To create ground for successful negotiations, investment decision making, competitors study.

  • Person.lux
    Screening of public persons, tycoons, politicians: scale of business, regions of influence, etc. Target: To create ground for successful negotiations, strategy development for effective cooperation

3. Special tariffs

  • Tariff “One day company”
    Information on: disqualified persons, multiple applicants among founders, registration at the address of massive registration. Matching telephone numbers with addresses at the actual place of residence. Extract from Registration Certificate (EGRUL).
    Demo report

4. Other Samples