Intelligence for professionals

The key project objective is to get the message about new technologies, products, knowledge applied in business intelligence across to specialists and experts, as well as to those, who have just started soaking themselves in a subject. You will find information on workshops and conferences about such spheres, as intelligence, economic, information and computer security, protection and safety.

“Intelligence for Professionals” is designed for promotion of:
  • intellectual resources – sources of knowledge about intelligence technologies (books, literature, textbooks), sources of knowledge improvement (courses, workshops, training programs), knowledge community itself (staff, specialists);
  • informative and analytical sets – expedients of a business intelligence man, whatever helps him collect and analyze information;
  • information resources – resources required for information support for an analyst.

It is useful, as it has all the existing software applicable in and to business intelligence. One project unites 12 partner developers, each of which is unique in its own fashion. Furthermore, a detailed description and presentation of every particular product will allow you to assess its applicability to your business as soon as practicable.


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